Cabin Filters

fiber, combined
with activated carbon
and antibacterial

Effective protection against harmful substances present in the air


Fiber, combined with activated carbon and antibacterial

The problem of the quality of the air in the car is today a topic of frequent discussion and of great importance. An effective protection against harmful substances present in the air that we breathe in the car is the cabin filter.
TECNECO offers two types of cabin filters, those in fiber or particle and filters combined with activated carbon.

Particle Filters
TECNECO particle cabin air filters represent a real and reliable protection against fine particles dispersed in the air, fine micro-dust, pollen, abrasion particles (brakes and clutches), road dust.

Combined filters with activated carbon
TECNECO cabin filter combined with activated carbon have the same characteristics and functionality as the particle filters but in addition they are equipped with a layer of activated carbon capable of reducing bad odors and dangerous gases for drivers and passengers health.

All Tecneco products
are 100% recyclable.

Technical features

Anti-vibration flap

Made of silicone material it has the function of preserving the filter from the possible vibration generated by the flow of incoming air, while creating the best seal between the filter and the passenger compartment.

Rigid closing felts

The material is developed to adhere better to the filtering media, avoiding the leakage of the activated carbon granules contained between the synthetic fiber layers with electrostatic charge.
Welding with the filter media is guaranteed through an innovative epoxy resin treated with special thinners that lower the viscosity and improve the tightness of the creases

Multilayer filter media

In addition to retaining the particulates, the material thanks to the properties of the granular activated carbon interposed between two or more layers of electrostatic synthetic fiber, is able to neutralize bad odors and absorb gases harmful to the health of passengers, such as ozone , sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides.
Weight: 350g/m2
Thickness: 1500micron
Permeability: 1750l/m2 sec

Support frame PP6GF15

Made of PP6GF15 polypropylene loaded with 15% glass fiber, it ensures the maintenance of the filtering medium when replacing the filter.
Resistance temperature: +120°C ÷ -35°C.

Multilayer antibacterial cabin filters

From today TECNECO expands the range with a new type of cabin filters, the Antibacterial, called ADPlus, capable of blocking polluting particles, absorbing gas and odors, counteract the formation of bacteria and allergens.

TECNECO ADPlus antibacterial cabin air filters are produced using a special multilayer filter media Fiber/Activated Carbon/Antibacterial Fiber with 3-stage filtering action,

1° blocking of polluting particles
2° absorption of gas and odors
3° contrast to the formation of bacteria and allergens

Specifically, it is the Biofunctional Fiber-Antibacterial layer which, added with natural polyphenols, captures the free allergens and subtracts the bacteria and molds from the food necessary for their proliferation, thus performing its antibacterial function.

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