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In Stefano Belfiore's article "A beautiful the Christmas of spare parts" on Inforicambi, Players of the Aftermarket market draw conclusions on the performance of the year ... including TECNECO.

TECNECO - Luca Pino - Sales Marketing Manager

Filtri Tecneco

What is the budget for this year?

Happy new year growing in 2 figures both in Italy and abroad, inclusion of over 80 new product codes, numerous meetings held in the company for a total of over 300 workers, spare parts dealers / mechanics visiting our partners. factories. Launch of positive e-commerce with increased orders, new customers in open areas, excellent response from new contacts after Autopromotec Bologna.

Projects and results for 2018?

We want to upgrade the ADPlus range of antibacterial cabin air filters and NISHIBORU filters for Asian applications. We also intend to completely reorganize the internal logistics with a new warehouse and upgrade the production of engine and cabin air filters with a new production plant. Finally, we have programmed over 140 new product codes, the launch of the new TECNECO pachaging, while strengthening our presence on foreign markets.

from INFORICAMBI.IT Dic 2017

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